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August? Bloody hell, where did the time go? Anyway...

Shw and GGN were present at Outline (as usual) and they even brought gifts! A very special gift too as this release was hiding in the dark for more than 20 years! And by no other than TLB - not every day you expect to see a new release by them, right? :)

Killing Spree was sent to us by Lowlife/Hotline and we thought it'd be a good idea to release it at the party. So we worked on the sources a bit, chained them, added a small intro just enough to play Spaz's quartet tune (I suppose people know which intro this is when they look at it!) and added an unreleased Scavenger tune so the main game won't be silent! It ranked 2nd on the competition, but who cares, it's TLB stuff, enjoy! Mega thanks to Lowlife for the sources and TLB for allowing us to release it!

In other news, our friend KrazyK has been busy converting Automation and D-Bug menus to Windows platform, and just today we received a new batch of remade intros from him. Download and enjoy!
Automation 151
Automation 388A
Automation 406
Automation 445
D-Bug 137
D-Bug 188v2