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I suppose it's time for our biyearly news post! Happy new year and all! It's true that this website has seen busier days, but its members have been far from silent in Atari.

Showaddywaddy has been busy as always on the SNDH archive, ripping tunes to the end of time. He also released an update to his SNDH editor, visit the link to grab it. He also has a blog that he updates... sometimes - lazy boy ;).

Cyrano Jones has been having most of the fun lately: he finally released his Jaguar graphics library called RAPTOR that makes coding on the machine much easier! Then he got bored waiting for good games to come to the Jaguar, so he started porting ST games to the machine, something that many people thought it was hard or impossible! Well, just for his own amusement here's Rick Dangerous, Gauntlet II, Mercenary, Buggy Boy, Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh, Carrier Command, Super Sprint and Metro Cross! So now nobody has an excuse for not getting a Jaguar - ther are a handful of good games for it :). Also, here's a small writeup on the process of porting a game to the Jaguar.

Finally, GGN has been all over the place! First he provided patches to Jookie's terrific CosmosEx device, mainly the translated driver, so D-Bug games will load from network drive - yay! Also added the TT compatibility, and by the looks of it will beta test the next generation that will be Falcon compatible! Then, in December he ported 2 Basic dialects to the Jaguar that work with CJ'S RAPTOR library! AtariAge has a dedicated forum for RBASIC (ported by GGN and CJ) and RBASIC+ (ported mostly by GGN). A lengthy writeup on how this happened can be read here (Caution! Wall of Text in there :)). Last week he released a demo called Baby, instant soup doesn't really grab me for the Global Convention of Worldwide Demo Developers International, Inc. 2015 and came first! And today he took the time to check out a Falcon demo (sent to him by Lotek Style) by Hydroxid that refused to run. Not any more! Love vs Darkness by Hydroxid is here for your pleasure!

So that's it for now - see you in a few months when we can be arsed to post again!