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New hard drive patch!

Back in July GGN visited Sommarhack, and he had a jolly good time too! The usual place, nice people, laid back atmosphere, BBQ, conversations, jokes, plans - what more could one want from a party? Releases maybe? Yes there were releases!

...sadly one didn't work as expected :( - and it was a bummer because it looked really interesting. I know Evil/DHS did his best to make the demo work, for you see the demo is Rebirth by Cybernetics. Originally the demo wants 2 floppy drives which are a rarity on its own, but the real kicker was that the track loader is a bit too sensitive to timings (or the disks were faulty, I don't think we'll ever know). End result is that the demo looped around a specific part for 5-6 minutes - we thought that was the flow of the demo so we were bummed about it :(. Evil assured us that the demo actually goes on and has other parts. Sadly it ranked low on the results...

When I got back home I got myself a copy of the demo and went to work to make it run from hard drives. I even got in contact with Metal Ages (the coder of the demo) while trying to patch it (I tried to make it run as a stand alone .prg, but by the time Metal Ages replied I had already fixed it - sorry Jerome!). And I was getting ready to slap my usual loader and release it in the wild.

And then in a weird case of synchronicity, !Cube of Aggression messaged me, asking me if I had any releases because he wanted to code an intro for us! I happily accepted. And waited. And then waited some more for the logo. And then waited some more till he got back from vacations. And then I got the final version, added the intro to my stuff, did some last minute debugging, and here we are: Rebirth, single parted, hard drive installable! (it even fits on a 800k disk, yay!). 2 megs of ram needed sadly, but hey just upgrade your STE :D