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And now for something new!

Created by members and close collaborators of D-Bug, today marks the first release by Bello Games, entitled bexa64n!

To put it simply it's a game rendered inside a puny 64x64 window and plays not unlike a famous indie hexagonal game :). The reasons for this release are:

1. To give a teaser preview of a bigger release in the works called Bexagon
2. To give Atarians a new game they can play right now
3. To be the first game that has a dual release (Jaguar/Falcon030) using a single source base! The whole game was written in our very own dialect of Basic called Bello Basic which (with only a few exceptions) can generate the two very different binaries from the same source base which perform identical!

And that's pretty much it. Visit the above links, download and enjoy this first release. And stay tuned for more!