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Happy new year!

Hope you're all good and ready for a new year. Let's hope this will be the year we contain this dreadful pandemic and only a bad memory of it will remain...

Anyway, on to happier news. I was delighted to see a release today by DHS (Synth Sweeps and MPC Beats), which motivated me to package up and release the MP2 patch I made for Evil (which is a continuation of Ray/tSCc's MP2 patch).

Long story short, Evil requested some help on IRC with NoCrew's MP2 player (using Ray's D2D patch) because he had issues with file sizes larger than 16Mb. The #1 unwritten rule of #atariscne is: always help Evil when he asks for help. So I started reading the player sources, then the DSP code, got confused, suggested a few things, and when they didn't work I took an even deeper dive into the code. Finally the next day I had a fix for him (which came to me right before I went to sleep, thanks brain!). He tested the fix and it worked for him. Hooray!

So without further ado, here's the fix, which also contains some tips on producing MP2 files.

Happy coding, and again happy new year!