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Hello ship mates.

A news item? Hell yeah... all because of the Nova demo party!

You see, yesterday I had a look at the new ST demo Mind The Bend The Mind, it features a rather nifty 4 plane bit bender which gives a nod to the Andy The Arfling demo screen in the Total Apathy demo.

Total Apathy? well.......

Way back in June 2019 we released the demo Total Apathy. This originally had a planned release date of 1991! Anyway, Total Apathy was indeed an appropriate title as the demo was never finished. Fast Forward to 2019 and we finally gave the demo the release it deserved at the Outline party in NL - sprucing it up with an intro an wobbly menu.

A week before release Cyrano Jones/The Law sent me SIX MORE Apathy screens which had been intended to be used in the demo. However, by then it was too late to significantly change the menu code. We therefore decided to allow the screens to be accessed by secret means!

Fast forward once again to August 2022, and NO ONE has ever discovered how to access the screens (unless you were told by GGN!).

Well now I will put you out of your misery, I must admit I implemented quite a devious way to access the screens.

Anyone remember the legendary Virtual Escape demo by Equinox? How did you access its hidden screen? Well by pressing the ESCAPE key on boot up of course!

Now try this with Total Apathy - a message appears saying stick it in. Stick what in??? D-Bug menu 1A obviously......where it all began. Then, when asked, re-insert the Total Apathy disk.

Now you can access 6 additional screens by pressing F7-F10 and 1-3!!

Phew, finally these screens see the light of day - 30 years later!

Hope you enjoy these lost treasures.....