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It's been a while since I wanted to write this but never got round to, but here it is anyway: a news update!

Since the previous news item Showaddywaddy and GGN were morally obliged to visit Sommarhack party in Sweden yet again. As always, it was an excellent experience! Not too many people so there was a change to speak to everyone at length, great discussions, lots of new and old stuff shown, a great walk around the party place to do the quiz, and so many more positive points. We really can't thank enough the whole crew for organising and letting us participate.

Not to come off as ungrateful, we dutifully went to the party with Atari gifts. SHW created Lostmax during the party, showcasing two previously unreleased Mad Max tunes, and GGN offered an Atari ST (etc) port of Adam Is Me (original).

"All right, that's all fine and well. They've partied out, but it's been month since that party. What have those lazy D-Buggers been doing since then?" I'm sure people are asking. As a matter of fact, we've been quietly been working in the background towards a big project. It's very boring and grindy, you can take a peek at it below:

I can't be very specific right now, but I think that people are going to like it when it's out. But there's still heaps of work until this is done. And of course we have more projects in the pipeline apart from this, but we still can't say much. So we ask you to exercise some patience, and all will be revealed in due time, it hopefully won't take long.

So this is all for now. Wishes for great holidays and a happy new 2024!