To Rip

As the "greater spotted Atari music ripper" seems to be a rare breed we still have many games/demos with un-ripped music.

The list below shows all the games from Automation menus (0-512) which are not in SNDH format (ie un-ripped)

Updated 12/03/22

Below is the current list :-

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Sound Chip music missing from SNDH archive:

Game Title Composer
221 Baker Street
Addicta Ball
Angel Nieto Pole 500
Artic Fox
Ascot plus Editor
Avina Blue Gary Wheaton
Bards Tale
Breach II
Captain Fizz
Centrefold Squares
Championship Cricket
Championship Wrestling
Chicago 30's
Chopper X Janko Mrsic Flogel
Clever & Smart
Colonial Conquest
Crafton & Xunk
Crash 2000
Crime Does Not Pay
Crystal Castles
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Deathstar STOS
Deathstrike Janko Mrsic Flogel
Desolator Paul Summers chip.digi
Dizzy Lizzy STOS
Dr Dooms Revenge
Eliminate Gary Wheaton
Eskimo Games Christian Fruergaard
Exodus Gary Wheaton
F-15 Strike Eagle
Fallen Angel +
Fast Lane
Fatal Error Stos
Final Legacy
Fire & Forget II +
Floyd the Droid
Football Crazy 1.07 Gary Wheaton like 131
Free Climbing R Rubio
Game Over II
Geisha Frederic Motte
Gem Stone Legend Sylvain Bethu
Gold of the Realm Dave Thorson
Golden Path
Goldrush Anna Scott
Goofy's Railway Express
Gone Fishing
Hardball Ed Bogas
Haunted House Janko Mrsic Flogel
Hoyle Book of Games Rob Atesalp
Hoyle Book of Games - Volume 2 sierra
Hyperbowl Darrel Fitton
Impossible Mission II
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Graphic Adventure
Indoor Sports
Jungle Book Francois Peirano
King of Chicago
Leisure Suit Larry 2 - Looking for Love Al Lowe
Leisure Suite Larry 3 - Passionate Patti
Livingston I Presume
Livingstone II
Lords of Conquest
Mad Flunky
Magnetic Tank X Talgorn
Marble Madness
Maniac Mansion
Microleague Baseball
Mini Golf
Moon Patrol
Monkeys and Balloons
Night Dawn
Onyx Gary Wheaton
Operation Cleanstreets
Operation Hormuz
Parabellum STOS
Patrice Martin
Perplexia Gary Wheaton
Peter Beardsley's International Football
Phantasie II
Phantasie III
Pirates of the Barbary Coast
Police Quest II Mark Seibert
Prehistorik accurate disk times
President Elect
Quest for Galaxia Gary Wheaton
Red Wars STOS
Questron II
Roadwar 2000
Roadwar Europa
Ring Side
RSI Baseball 2 Jo Myers
Rugby League Boss
Safe as Houses Gary Wheaton
Saint Dragon +
Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio
SDI Paul Summers missing title
Sex Vixens from Space
Soccer Supremo
Sol Negro
Space Baller
Space Pilot
Space Quest III - The Pirates of Pestulon Bob Siebenberg
Space Shuttle
Space Weller STOS
ST Karate Janko Mrsic Flogel
ST Protector Janko Mrsic Flogel
Steel Gari Biasillo
Stormball Richard Joseph (some chip)
Super Huey
Super Cycle
Super League Soccer Gary Wheaton
Super Sprint
Superstar Ice hockey
Tee Off
Terry's Big Adventure
Test Drive
Tetris Ed Bogas
The Caves of Rigel Ralph Effeney STOS
The Eye
The Final Frontier
The Lost Dutchman's Mine
The Man from the Council
The Secret of Monkey Island
The Secret of Steel
Top Secret Holger Ghermann
Trainset STOS
Typhoon Thompson in Search for the Sea Child
Wheel of Fortune
Who Frames Roger Rabbit
Winnie The Pooh
Winner Michel Windogradoff
Winter Games
Wizard's Crown
World Games
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
Zany Golf
Digital music missing from SNDH archive :
Game Title Composer
------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
10th Frame Digital
A320 Digital
Aaargh! Digital
Action Service Digital Charles Callet
African Raiders Digital Francois Pediero
After The War Digital
Albedo Digital
Alphamax Digital
Altair Digital
Anarchy Digital Ray Norrish .Scharvona
Aquanaut Digital Kevin Collier / Wyatt
Astro Marine Corps + Digital Jose A Martin
Battle Probe Digital
Bermuda Project Digital
Big Game Fishing Digital
Billiards Simulator Digital
Billy Bounce + Digital
Blazing Thunder + Digital Howie Davies
Blinky's Scary School Digital
Bob Morane Ocean Digital Charles Callet
Bolo Digital
Boulderdash Construction Kit Digital
Bubble Trouble Digital
Buzzword Digital
Captain Blood Digital
Cartoon Capers Digital
Castle Master II - The Crypt Digital
Catch 23 Digital
Celica GT Rally Digital - MC Slack
Chariots of Wrath Digital Julian Brette
Chicago 90's Digital
Colorado Digital
Conqueror Digital
Crash Garrett Digital
Crazy Cars Digital
Crazy Cars II digital
Crazy Shot Digital
Crystals of Aborea Digital Fabrice Hautecloque
Cybermind Digital
Dark Sat Digital Michel Winogradoff
Darklands Digital
Day of the Viper Digital
Dazeaster Digital
Dominator ~~Digital Tony Francis
Double Dragon ~~digital
Double Dragon II - The Revenge ~~Nick Vincent (digi)
Dragons of Flame Digital
E.S.S. Hermes Digital Robin Aziosmanof
Elemental Digital
Emmanuel Digtial Francois Peirano
E-Motion Digital
Extase Digital Stephane Picq
F-19 Stealth Fighter Digital
Fire & Forget Digital
Flood Digital
Formula One Grand Prix Digital
Fred Digital Charles Callet
Freddy Hardest Digital C Pravia
Freedom - Rebels in the Darkness Digital Francois Peirano
Full Metal Planete Digital Stephane Picq
Future Bike Simulator Digital Howie Davies
Galactic Conqueror Digital
Gauntlet Digital
Get Dexter 2 Digital Ulrich
Gettysburg Digital
Gladiators Digital D Campbell
Gold of the America's Digital
Gravity Digital
Helter Skelter Digital
Highway Patrol II Digital Claude Abromont
Hockey Pista Digital
Ice and Fire Digital - Megablast
Imperium Digital
Indian Mission Digital
Infestation Digital Sean Conran
Interchange + Digital
Jocky Wilson Darts Digital
Joe Blade 2
Jumping Jack'son Digital Charles Callet
Killdozers Digital
Kick Off
Krypton Egg Digital
Le Margoulin Digital
Legend of Djel Digital
Legend of Faerghail Digital Andreas Starr
Leviathan Digital David Whittaker
Lombard RAC Rally Digital
Mach 3 Digital
Mad Show Digital Herve Leport
Magic Lines + Digital
Magician Digital Michel Windagraff
Maniax Digital
Mean Streets Digital JD Rogers
Metal Mutants Digital F Hautecloque
Mission Digital Michel Windogradoff
Moon Blaster Digital Michel Windagraff
Moonbase Digital
Motorbike Madness Digital Nick Vincent (digi)
Murders in Space Digital
Mystical Digital Stephane Picq
Nam 1965-1975 Digital Joe Myers
Necron Digital
Night Breed (Arcade) Digital
Nighthunter Digital
Ninja Rabbits + Digital
Numero 10 Digital
Off Shore Warrior Digital
Oliver and Company Digital Robin Aziosmanof
Omnicron Conspiracy Digital
Operation Harrier Digital Kevin Collier
Operation Neptune (USA) Digital Charles Callet
Oriental Games Digital
Paris Dakar 1990 Digital
Penguin Digital
Peter Pan Digital
Pharoah Digital
Pipedream Digital
Pop Up Digital Francois Garofald
Prince of Persia Digital
Pukadu Digital
Purple Saturn Day Digital Stephane Picq
Ranx Digital Charles Callet
Rock Star Ate my Hamster Digital Allister Brimble
Rocket Racer Digital
Roller Coaster Rumbler Digital
Sidewinder Digital
Skidoo Digital
Skrull Digital
Sky Rider Digital Chris Jolly
Skyfighter Digital Chris Huelsbeck
Sliders Digital
Sophelie Digital Elie Daniel
Space Racer Digital
Speedboat Mission Digital
Spidertronic Digital Ulrich
ST Wars Digital
Starblade Digital
Steve Davis Snooker Digital
Stun Runner Digital
Targhan Digital
Team Suzuki Digital MC Slack
Team Yankee Digital
Tech Digital
Teller Digital
Tennis Cup Digital Michel Winogradoff
Test Drive II - The Duel Digital
The Amazing Spiderman Digital Steven W Green
The Final Conflict Digital
The Light Corridor Digital
Theme Park Mystery Digital
Thunderblade Digital Michel Bailot
Tin Tin On the Moon (Beta Version) Digital Charles Callet
To Be On Top Jochen Hippel
Tonic Tiles Digital
Tournament Golf Digital
Trauma Digital Ulrich digital
Triton III Digital
Truck Digital
Turn It Digital
Twylyte Digital T Barker digital
Vaxine Digital
Vectorball Digital
Victory Digital
Vindicators Digital Dave Kelly
Volleyball Simulator Digital
Voyager Digital
Wanted Digital Stephane Picq
War Machine Digital
Warhead Digital
Wild Life Digital Elie Daniel
Windsurf Willy Digital Herve Leport
World Darts Digital Jas C Brooke
Xtron Digital
Yogi's Great Escape Digital Howie Davies
Zero Gravity Digital