As you are probably aware the aim of the SNDH archive is to contain all sound chip music ever composed on the Atari ST.

However this is where I need your help! You see, I would say approximately 80% of all game chip musics and 98% of demo musics are already ripped and contained in the archive . The difficulty is identifying which game tunes are still outstanding.

My proposal is to use my "Automation Bible", this is an excel spreadsheet which lists the contents of all 512 Automation menus plus menu contents of D-Bug, Cynix and the BBC. I've combined the current SNDH tune list into the spreadsheet to indicate which tunes are already present in the archive. What I need is information regarding each game, specifically :-

  1. If a game contains chip or digital music
  2. Type of music - digital/chip?
  3. If it does - is the composer known?
  4. Is the music in the SNDH archive

To make this task systematic I'm going through each Automation menu in turn booting all the games then populating the excel spreadsheet. It's a long labourious task so any help would be really appreciated! I've already done D-Bug, Cynix and the BBC.

The bible is located on the D-Bug web-site :- The Bible

The aim is to complete the whole Automation listing, this will then give a comprehensive list of what is still outstanding.

I realise not all tunes are on Automation menus but it's a good place to start.

Finally I am still looking for support with the ripping/SNDHing process, I'm toying with the idea of posting a ripping tutorial. If it would increase the support given to SNDH. Anyway let me know your thoughts! Grazey.


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