The Never Ending Story

No, not the cheesy pop ballad by mullet sporting Limahl!

This is the story of the life long struggle to SNDHify all Atari ST soundchip music. I thought I would guage how far down the path I am. A good barometer would be to see how many of the Automation titles are currently SNDH'd. As per a previous blog post I have now finished going through ALL 512 menus, amounting to 1583 titles! The results are interesting.

Firsty of the 1583 titles, 65% contain notable music (soundchip or digi)


So, of the 1027 titles with music - 613 are already SNDH'd (60%)


So that leaves 415! remaining unripped! I have then separated this further between soundchip and digital tracks (both tracked and standard samples)


So we have quite some way to go. For now I will concentrate my efforts on chip musics, the demotivating factor is that many of the remaining 'tunes' are crappy beeps. As a bonus my research did highlight some glaring omissions from the database, such as Super Stuntman by David Whittaker, Plotting by Pierre-Eric Loriaux, Tie-Break by Adrian Dalecki and Yogi Bear by Sean Conran - all these are now SNDH'd.

Grazey. October 2016.


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