SID addition

Just a little update regarding the SNDH world. Since the last release we have added a fair number of new or fixed SNDH files (165 files to be exact). Some things to look out for :-

  • Lotsa of fixes identified by Ben/OVRs SC68 program. This utility is so useful in spotting bugs and errors, like silent sub tunes and crashes well into the song.
  • Some more sample SNDH's like Fighter Bomber, Run the Gauntlet and Altair
  • SID versions of classic Mad Max tunes. You may remember that years ago Cream (Abyss & Tao) added SID voices to TEX's B.I.G. demo musics (Rob Hubbard C64 conversions). Anyway in 2001 Tao sent me details of how it was implemented. Ever since I've sat on the technique, until yesterday! I finally found time to add SID voices to more Hippel tunes (mainly Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel from the Maniacs of Noise), currently I've converted about 15 tunes - mostly from the Union demo and some old games (Giana Sisters and Dugger). Anwway, here's a taster of what a SID extended Hippel tune sounds like :)


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