SNDH 4.7 released

We slug out another SNDH update.

Firstly we bring you all the tunes from our HIPSid. It won the Outline 2017 demo competition. The demo takes the C64 like SID routine by Tao and adds the FX to Mad Max musics. HIPSid demo features 9 hours, 52 minutes and 3 seconds of Hippel goodness. Coding was by Grazey, GGN, music by gwEm, gfx by Tinker and of course Mr Hippel has some input as well. It also gives a nod to Hull City of Culture 2017, shame Mr Hubbard wasn't celebrated in the same breath as other Hullensian - Mick Ronson.

  • More SNDH-Digi tunes including Altair, Populous, Fighter Bomber, Fusion and Run the Gauntlet (I loved that show in the 80's). These are quite easy to do as it is just a matter of finding the sample data within the game. Fighter Bombers uses a sequencer similar to Dave Lowe digi musics.
  • Tonnes of tunes by Mephistow & Jovis. Thanks to Mephistow for sending me all his rare songs and to Lotek Style who constantly points me in the direction of un-ripped stuff.
  • Ancient un-ripped tunes by Daglish, Loriuax, Leitch, Shimskey & Legace. Yep, I'm still going through the Automation bible seeking out un-ripped tunes. So this time we have SNDH's from Roy of The Rovers, Tie-Break, M1 Tank Platoon, Pirates!, Red Storm Rising, Gunship, Plotting, Fiendish Freddy and Yogi Bear!
  • Markus Weichselbaum makes a welcome return to the SNDH library with Air Supply and his amazing Curse of Ra. This game from 1990 features a very advanced digi-chip driver!
  • Lots of tunes fixed by Grazey, Ben and Evil
  • And of course what SNDH update wouldn't be complete without a smattering of new cutting edge releases - 505, !Cube, 607, Aceman (loving Pumpkin Hop!), gwEm, DMA-SC, Motionride, Tomchi, Wiecz0r, Xyce and Yerzmyey!



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